Startup Testing and Measurement for New Ventures

We’ve found successful startups test a lot and the fact that early startup testing may well be your most important undertaking. Learn how.

Market Testing for StartupsMarket Testing for Startups

We’re obsessed with testing and measurement. We’ve found that successful startups test a lot. They test which advertising works best, they test price points, they test internet concepts, they test distribution channels, the testing possibilities are endless.

We believe that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. You’ll want to have clearly defined goals for every functional area of the business. From these goals you can set specific and measurable performance objectives.

Testing business before you even begin it.  It’s important to empirically validate your business idea. This early testing may well be your most important undertaking. The result will tell you whether your concept is a “go” or “no-go.” (And a “no-go” is not a failure — you’ve just saved yourself major time and money!)

Then consider testing all the key areas in your business. You’ll likely start by testing the things that aren’t working in an effort to see how they can be fixed. But also consider testing those things that are working in an effort to see if you can achieve even greater result.

We’re not talking about big fancy tests, but clearly defined measurement and evaluation of all the key areas of your startup.

You never know where the big “breakthrough” will come from until you test and measure it. We’ve found that sometimes the smallest change can mean the difference between success and failure.

Brandings has everything you need to hit your startup targets every time. We offer a wide range of services including company naming, premium domain names, strategic planning, corporate identity and design, testing and research, trademark screening, all custom tailored to meet all your specific startup needs.

Did you develop a new test and want to share it with us; post it below. You have any questions about this post; post it below. If you have a question about any other post; well, you get the point.

2 thoughts on “Startup Testing and Measurement for New Ventures”

    • That’s exactly right. If you’re not testing your ideas your missing a great opportunity. Without testing you may be setting yourself on a course that you don’t want to be on and waste a ton of money getting back onto a track that works.

      For example, say you’re launching a product and you think you have the perfect packaging for it. You spend a huge amount of money developing the packaging and sending it out to the stores. When it gets to the stores, no one is buying it, why? Well you just don’t know because you didn’t test it!

      Maybe people didn’t like the color, shape, size, it could be anything but you don’t know because …. you didn’t test it.

      Testing you product, logo, packaging, test everything so that you can best set up your business or product to have the great impact and reaction from your target market. Without it you’ll be left in the dark.

      thanks for the comment.

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