Huge Number of Five Letter Domains Sold | 5 Letter Domains

Huge Number of Five Letter Domains Sold

With the first quarter over we can take a look at what sold and five letter domains were a huge business. Check out this article about what sold!

Huge Number of Five Letter Domain Names Sold

Well the first quarter of the year is well over and it is customary to look back and see how the year has progressed and we are excited to say that after a few sluggish quarters it seems that more and more people are looking to start business and they are looking to five letter domain names and five letter company names to do it.

In a recent article at Hybrid Domainer there was a lot of excitement for these names.  Take a look at some of the five letter domain names that were sold during the first quarter of 2012 and the prices they sold for: $4500    $4488     $4500   $4100 $4088     $4000     $4000   $4000 $4000      $4000       $4000    $4000 $4000     $3988    $3930   $3800 $3724     $3700     $3700    $3600 $3500    $3500       $3500    $3500 $3300      $3250       $3250   $3250 $3100     $3010    $3000  $3000 $3000    $3000    $3000   $3000 $3000    $2888     $2850   $2640 $2632    $2600    $2575   $2550 $2500    $2500    $2500    $2500 $2500   $2497     $2300      $2250 $2250    $2250     $2178     $2088 $2088       $2059    $2000     $2000 $2000     $2000    $2000    $2000 $2000    $2000       $2000  $2000 $2000    $2000     $2000     $2000 $2000      $2000      $2000     $2000

Looking at this list we can’t help but think about the value of five letter domain names and how many of the above are brandable domain names as well.  I think a lot of the business world is finally looking at the idea of taking one of these brandable domains and making it one of their own.

It also appears that five letters seems to be the perfect length for a brandable domain name or brandable company name.

What do you think?  If you have any ideas on the subject, comment, compliment or criticism we would love to hear about it, let us know post it below.  While the above 5 letter domain names were on a sold list doesn’t mean you can obtain one of them but if you would like to see Brandings extensive list of five letter domain names or the above five letter company just follow the links.

If you have any other questions, the Brandings Team is just an email or phone call away.  Don’t worry, we’re friendly!

4 thoughts on “Huge Number of Five Letter Domains Sold | 5 Letter Domains”

    • We can / can’t believe it either. We’re really excited that people are catching on to the idea that the shorter the domain name the better off you’ll be. That’s great, because it’s really important but that’s maddening because it’s just driving up the price of these great short domain names, as the sales show.

      We’ve said it a million times that just because there are millions of domain names out there they’re not all created equal, and these short and powerful domain name are some of the great ones. Thanks for your comment and we’d love to hear what you think of our short domain names.

  1. I can’t believe all these “brandable” domain names sold for those prices. I wish I would have bought some of them a flipped them. XandT is pretty cool though I must say.

    • It really is quite something that these brandable domain names sold for such a high price we agree but it is not too surprising to us. The team at Brandings have be watching the rise of the brandable domain and the subsequent rise in price that goes along with it.

      Thanks for your comment but it is not to late to get a brandable domain name at a good price, check out this link.

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