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Free company logos for your startup. Picking out a brand name and logo is one of the first decision you’ll make. Free examples of winning logos.

Free Ideas for Your Company Logo

Picking out a company name and logo design are some of the first choices that you are likely to make when starting a brand new business – and they are two of the most important.

Within this blog post today, the graphic design experts at Brandings will share the fundamentals in creating a free logo design for your organization. We’ll help jump-start the logo creation procedure and provide you with a few key ideas that separate the great logos from the failures.

Your own logo design is an integral part of the strategic plan of your firm. The cost of logo development can vary considerably. There are many company logo “contests” on the internet and other very low costs options. We’ve obtained feedback from hundreds of start-ups that have fallen prey to supposedly free logo designs, fake-contests or even have been lured in through low quality $99 special offers.

Those that have used these services report the final work to be “boilerplate,” “unprofessional,” and “amateurish.” The design quality from some of these services is often so bad that you are best off creating your own logo.

If you can work the price of logo design in to your budget, a professional graphic designer is generally worth every dollar. Your decision is simply too important. But if you don’t have the budget to hire an expert logo design firm, we’re here to help.

We’ll walk you through the necessities to help you develop a winning logo for free. We’ll offer you logo suggestions and the foundation aspects of design to enable you to create and develop a great company logo yourself.

In the next series of postings we’ll discuss design strategy, the color palette, the typeface, and the graphic icon.

Today we’ll discuss the importance of design strategy.

A great company name and logos emanate from your own company’s strategic mission. A successful logo design stems from a razor-sharp understanding of your internal and external environment and a clear grasp of the strengths and advantage that you have over your competitors.

It is essential to develop a logo design that communicates the main elements of your own firm’s competence clearly, directly and concisely. You’ll want to create a design that’s memorable as well as relevant to your target market.

Consider the differences in the designs at the bottom of this blog. Each of these logo examples conveys a very different message to their respective target audiences.

In designing your personal company logo you’ll want to consider the purpose of the design and the exact application. Just think of how differently the logo will look at the top of letterhead, on your website, on building signage on your merchandise packaging and other areas.

It is important to contemplate how the design will appear in black and white and in full color. You’ll also want to envision the logo reduced to a very small size or enlarged to the size billboard. It must look good for all your applications.

Your own logo is usually communicated to your target audience in a split second. The look, typeface, color, visual appearance along with other elements need to come together to communicate your company’s message.

To create an effective logo you’ll want to:

  • Make use of a type-style that matches the style of the image.
  • Avoid color overload – some of the most effective logo designs consist of just a few colors.
  • Consider the overall style, placement of icons and graphic items.
  • Keep your design aesthetically balanced with contrasting and like elements.

If you’re looking for logo ideas or to create company logos for free, check out the collection of great designs at We hope that is article helps you create a great logo for your firm without cost. In the next blog postings we’ll discuss color palette, typefont and graphic image

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    • Thanks for the great question, we’d be glad to help. Just going off your few word description of your company with “fresh produce” you’re going to want a clean and fresh logo. You should consider appetizing colors an other fresh looking items, perhaps food items. Do be concerned with over stuffing you logo or making it really crowded looking. You’ll want to keep that logo clean looking and few items.

      No one is going to want to see a logo stuffed with items, it than looks unclean and unappetizing. I would recommend that you have a look at an article we put together called How to Create a Great Company Logo, there are great tips on colors, shapes and everything you’ll need to know about creating your logo.

      Just one more thing I would like to to point out for you. I would suggest that you check out these great names for a food company and see what we think are great logos. Have a look at the colors and designs and use that as inspiration. If in the end you need us to design your logo, we do have a logo design service as well.

      I hope I helped and send us your logo when you’re done, we’d love to see it.

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