Developing a Cool Name for a Brand

What a Cool Brand Name Can Do & How to Develop One

Cool company names, you know them when you see them, know why? Cool business name stand out in a crowd. We’ll give you some ideas how to create them.

Developing Cool Company Names

Cool company names, you know them when you see them, know why? Cool business name stand out in a crowd. Cool company names are bold; cool business names are bright and they get your attention.

What industries are cool business name appropriate in? Well we here at Brandings think they are appropriate in all industries. That said there are varying levels of cool and different and the industry in which you’re involved will determine how cool you can be. That said you can probably use a cooler name then you think, except in the case a funeral home.

Who said you can’t use a name like “Daxid” for a metal manufacture, in fact that’s what we’re saying about cool business names, they’re names that stand out.  “Daxid” is a name that sounds strong and doesn’t particularly say anything. Because there is no meaning to it, the company name will more than likely be easily trademarked.

Daxid” is also unspecific and as we said probably easily trademarkable but it also is expandable. Just knowing the name doesn’t tell me what you do so it is easily expandable. Say you open “Daxid” as a steel manufacture and you want to expand in tractors and machinery, you can and somewhat easily.

If you named yourself “Colorado Steel Manufacturing” you would have to open a subsidiary to produce your equipment because of the word “Steel” in your name.

The point of this blog is to introduce you to cool company names and just because you’re business may be more conventional doesn’t mean you can’t have a cool business name; in fact we encourage it!

To see a listing of Brandings Cool Business Names please click on the link and if you have any questions about Brandings in general or would like to speak to one of our representatives please click here.

Above are some of Brandings Cool Company Names, please click on the link if you have any questions regarding any of them. As always we encourage your feedback. If you have any ideas for future blog let us know or if you have any cool business name ideas let us know post it below.

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  1. Daxid is a really cool company name but I think 5 letter domains are getting harder and harder to find. You would think these names are easy to come by but they’re not. I think your company has quite a few.

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