How to Name a Product | Product Naming | Names for a Product

How to Name a Product | Product Naming | Names for a Product

How to Name a Product

Naming a product is very similar to company naming in that the name that that you pick is your representation and needs to represent your product and possibly even your company.

While a company name has to represents the entire company as a whole a product has to define itself individually while possibly staying congruous to the company as a whole or as a continuation of a line of products.

Continuing from there, your product name does not necessarily have to be your company name as well but it may.

The only time you might share the company and product name is if you are a single product company that doesn’t wish to expand to another product.  In that case we would recommend a streamlined product, company and domain name all the same to save confusion to the client.

Names for a new product:

How to Name a Product
Names for a Product
product company naming
Product Naming

The biggest tip we can give you is to make sure the product name you want is available.  The Brandings Team hears it over and over from our clients, they paid money to a naming company which came up with an awesome product name but when they went to buy the domain name for it, the name was not available and the person who owned it was unwilling to sell or even wanted an exorbitant amount of money for it.

Always, always make sure that the product name or company name for that matter is available or you can procure it for an amount that is reasonable to you.

The next tip for how to name a product product; the name length does matter.  In this is another case where we recommend a similar tip to both company and product naming. In general, the longer the name the more probability there is for a person to get lost along the way.

Whether they misspell the domain when they’re typing it into the browser, copy the name down wrong when they see it on an ad somewhere or miss a word when they heard the name from their friend.  There’s just a million ways to miss-communicate your product or company name, making a short name easier to communicate and therefor less trouble finding your product.

While that doesn’t sound so bad at first but when it comes to typing that product name into a Google search or other search engine the longer the name the more probability there is for a misspelling and you don’t want to be sending people to your competitor.

These are just a few of Brandings Team tips on product naming but keep reading this blog for more tips to come.  (Here comes some self promotion)  Follow this link for some of Brandings available Electronic Product Names (remember rule one make sure the name is available!).

If you have any questions about naming a product or anything about Brandings CLICK HERE and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or blog recommendations, let us know, post it below!


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