Three Effective Brand Naming Development Ideas

ideas for naming your brand
Three Effective Brand Naming Development Ideas

We understand, you’re starting your business so, you’ve got a lot on your mind. One of the top “important things” that every entrepreneur has on their mind is naming business. However, like most entrepreneurs you don’t even know where to start. Keeping that in mind, our researchers have pulled together our top three ideas behind brand naming.

Get your startup naming process started with these three ideas to jumpstart the naming process!

1) Consider Brand Name Ideas Linked to your Competitive Advantage.

exxult - name for a technology company
exxult - name for a technology company
exxult – name for a technology company

Our research has found, names that proclaim what your brand does best, cuts through the clutter. Entrepreneurs always know what it is that you do better than their competition.

That means an entrepreneur can generate name ideas from that very element of your firm’s key competitive advantage.  This way, your brand name can be shared consistency across all areas of your business are the best.  How your brand is perceived by your target market relative to the competition is vital to your product and firm success.

2) Brand Naming Ideas Linked to Your Buyer’s Needs.

The greatest brand names, the ones with the greatest impact are the names which are drawn directly from your buyers wants and needs. 

The entrepreneur who incorporates their customers concerns or fears right into their brand name is the one who gets their attention. Moreover, if you help your target market overcome their concerns, you’ll help steer them to picking your project.

Think about this, if it’s you and your startup overcoming your target market’s concerns, isn’t it obvious that they’d choose you over your competition? Our team has pulled a few names from our own inventory which address clients concerns right in the name: MightieForever Guard, and Vault Aid.

Great business names can be created from key attributes or characteristics within your industry or marketplace in which you compete.

For example, you’re an entrepreneur launching a startup in IT Tech industry. The IT tech industry is considered forward thinking and ahead of technology, you’ll want a name that echo’s that.  Furthermore, a name that sounds fast and dependable, the way we like our technology, will be the way to go.

To demonstrate what we mean, we pulled an example from our own inventory. The brand naming experts at Brandings believes that Exxult is a great example of standout name for the technology industry. This tech brand name is short, powerful, and forward sounding. Considering the texture of this name, our specialists consider this name a knockout for a text business.

Crowd Source Naming Thoughts

Finally, we always love to hear from you. If you’re a entrepreneur, we’d love to hear what spurred ideas in you, when naming your startup or brand. Our readers and brand naming experts always love to hear new voices and heck, spur some ideas in us!

This Brand Name Has Been Sold – This Brand Name Has Been Sold

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