Domain Names and the Brandings Approach

The Brandings’ approach to dot-com domain names is easy.  You see it, you like it, it’s yours.

While that’s the extremely simplified version of our story, you can find out more in detail below.

Update: Be sure to check the bottom of the page for some new updates!

The business landscape changes quickly. When you have a new business or product you need a evocative domain name, you need it immediately.

The Brandings Domain Team has turned the naming architecture model upside-down.  We do this in order to provide our clients with a fast, cost effective method in nomenclature development.  More importantly, you know that can’t do anything in today’s marketplace without owning the dot-com domain name.  So, your brand package includes just that, the dot-com domain.

Brandings has undertaken all the research up-front.  In fact, our team has developed thousands of unique, differentiated and most importantly available brands.  And, all these name some with the exact match domain.

How do we know you can get the domain name that matches the business name?  Because we already own it!

You’ll find all of these brands inventoried in our on-line catalog.  After reading this, you want to peruse the brand categories and match the name to your firm’s strategic objectives.  Next we’ll modify the design elements in congruence with objectives.

We skip the fancy-presentations and big-budget meetings of “old school” naming firms. The Brandings approach is value-focused and comprehensive. We provide our clients with outstanding names in a matter of days not months.

The result will be a brand that is unique, concise, evocative, visually powerful, memorable and (most importantly) available.

Domain Names Ready for a Business:

If you’re looking to see more creative or attention grabbing names for a business please follow this link.

Update:  While our approach to domain names has not changed, our inventory since the original writing of the blog has!  Brandings now has one of the large collections of domain names ready for use in an exciting and new venture.  Brandings has collected thousands upon thousands of domain names ready for use.

That’s the best thing about Brandings and our approach to domains, you look through our inventory you see a name you like and it’s yours; ready to go.  There’s no coming up with company, business or product names just to realize the dot-com domain is take and you will not be able to obtain it.  Our domain names are ready to go.

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