How to Connect or Find, the Right Brand Name

How to Connect or Find, the Right Brand Name

Find a company name by searching Brandings’ inventory, now with two simple ways to do it. Finding a company name has never been easier.

How to Find or Connect to the Right Company Name

Recently we’ve been receiving a lot of call from people looking to find a name on our website but were a bit confused about how they should go about it.  Brandings is excited to offer two entirely different ways for you to find a company name in our database.

The first way to find a name is to use our “Keyword Search” box at the top of the main page.  This is a perfect way to find a name if you have a good idea of what is will be or you need a specific word in the name.

For example your starting a golf club, golf course or golf focused travel agency, either way you know you have to use the word “golf” in the name.  Just by putting the word “golf” in the “Keyword Search” box at the top of your webpage you can instantly pull up everything in our inventory containing the word “golf” in the company name.

Brandings also offers a second way to find a name for your company.  Running down the left side of our or webpage is a category search list.  From here you can look in specific industries if you are not sure what to name your company or product.

For instance, you are opening a health insurance company and you’re not sure what to name it, just scroll down the left side when you come across “Health Care & Wellness Names” click on it and from here you come across sub-folders within the health care category.  Now just click on “Insurance (Health)” and up pops all the names the Brandings team has identified as suitable names for all different types of health insurance.

Also please feel free to let us know if you have any questions on how to find a name in our inventory.  Lastly if you have any comments about this or any other post or have an requests or comments, let us know, post it below.

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