Startup Business Plan | How Important is a Business Plan?

Brandings is the best recourse for startups who may need help writing a Startup Business Plan.  In fact, if you read down our Startup Checklist, the first item on the list is writing a business plan.  It’s on the top of the list because it’s just such an import item for launching a startup.

While we’ll be focusing on startups in this post, please know that Business plans are not just for startups.   Every business should have a plan. It just like every driver on the road, should know where they’re going and if they don’t have a map to get them to their destination.  If you don’t have a written plan, however, we suggest you sit down and write one up today.  A business plan is just so important, particularly when first starting a business. It’s this plan that helps you make sure you haven’t missed anything and haven’t let anything slip through the cracks.

writing a business plan for a startup

First the template, forces you figure out what your startup name is going to be. Next it helps you figure out if there are any trade mark issues with your name. Next it helps you secure a dot-com domain name, and then figure out who your suppliers are going to be. After that, you’ll have to consider the cost of supplies and direction your business is heading. Finally, the template helps you organize the internal structure of you’re startup!

There are so many things to think of so we suggest you take a look at two great articles we have for anyone with a startup business.  The first is our Startup Check List and that is just a simple yes or no questionnaire.

How Important is a Business Plan?

If you can’t answer these questions you have some thinking to do.  The second resource is our Business Plan template for a Startup Business.  This will go into your vision, mission goals and objectives.

This Business Plan Template for a Startup Business is not only important for startups but for all businesses. That means, even if you’re a working, selling, growing company that never wrote up their business plan you should still fill it out.  This download, forces you to look at your company and hammer out ideas, that you may not have thought of before. We hope that the template makes you think differently about your company structure differently.

It’s a mistake to think that because you’re a small business or small startup, that you don’t need a business plan. Contrary to that belief, it may be even more import for a smaller venture to develop a plan. By deffinition, smaller firms have less people working there. Less people, in turn that means that the people who are working there, have to do multiple things in multiple different areas. We’ve found that in this specific situation, it’s sometimes even easier for items get dropped or totally forgotten or overlooked. In fact, even if you’ve already launched your startup, it would still be beneficial for an entrepreneur to write a plan. We beg you to take our advice, look at our free information and get started on your Business Plan today!

If you have any questions about writing a business plans or you’re interested in the available available 5 letter domain name above feel free to contact us.

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    • Thanks for the comment and compliment. Our staff is so knowledgeable about business and many have their MBA’s and they just want to share their experiences and knowledge with eager people, like you, that want the info and use it. This business plan was written by a business former professor who now works at the company. This is a sample business plan that he would give his class at a leading research university.

      Well we’re really glad that you appreciate the sample business plan and please let us know how your business is doing and please let us know if we can help you get a great name for your business.

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