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When naming a construction company or looking for a construction equipment company name for that matter, there are some very industry specific ideas that one needs to keep in mind.

The first idea to keep in mind is what type of construction company are you?

Your construction business may be designed to solve something immediate like a leaky roof, collapsing gutter or crumbling chimney.  You might be one where people are planning for the future, for example building an extension onto a house for a growing family, remodel of their bathroom or kitchen or to build a new house entirely.

But you may be a different type of construction company entirely.  You may be putting up a skyscraper in Dubai, factory in the Midwest or an apartment complex in Houston or Los Angeles.

Consider what type of construction company you are.  Think about if you want a more global reach or do you want something that sounds more local and immediate.

Whether you’re local or global, universally people are looking for a construction company that’s strong, has longevity, secure, stylish and above all safe.

That means your business name also has to sound safe, strong, secure and stylish.  Remember your business name is a reflection of the type of company which you are

Where do you find great construction company names?  Well, here’s the shameless plug but, Brandings has hundreds of construction company names ready to be developed into something great.  Ok, now that that’s out of the way, outside of Brandings where can you look for at least inspiration for your construction company name?

The first and maybe greatest place for inspiration is your Mission Statement.  You should find in your Mission Statement your companies goals and commitments, projections and promises.  These words are a great place to start.
Now, depending on the goals of your construction company you may find a regional name may work just fine; for instance “West Coast Construction.” If you’re looking to expand out of that town, state or region or are an international construction company stay away from being pinned into one area.

Available Names for Your Construction Company:

 Buildia - Names for Construction Company |Construction Company Names| Construction Equipment Names  Moulding Man - Names for Construction Company |Construction Company Names| Construction Equipment Names  Ox Built - Names for Construction Company |Construction Company Names| Construction Equipment Names  Optimal Build - Names for Construction Company |Construction Company Names| Construction Equipment Names

If your construction company specializes on flooring and that’s all you do, something like “Floor Basics” may work but again don’t be pinned down to one area if you’re looking to expand out of flooring. A more evocative name will work if you’re a general contractor or a complete construction company that does it all.

“Iron Estate” says high end homes and the word “iron” evokes strength and longevity.

There is also a third way to go, an imaginative name for your construction company. For instance “Buildia” is a completely made up name but one will understand from the “build” in “Buildia” what it is your company does without spelling it out. Imaginative names are great for branding because no one will be using the word and it will be no problem registering the name with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

One word of warning about imaginative names; if you’re looking to name an international construction company make sure the word doesn’t mean anything negative.  If you’re looking to expand into other countries, make sure that name has no negative

We hope that this article helped you consider names for your Construction Company or Business. We’re here to help so if you have any questions please contact the Brandings Team.

How to Name My Construction Company

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