What is a Naming Architecture Firm

What is a Naming Architecture Firm?

What is a Naming Architecture Firm?

When big companies and corporations look to name their business or products, they turn to professionals naming firms, or a naming architect firm.

Just like an architect that develops plans for a house or building, a naming architect develops a plan for naming a company or product. Continuing with that analogy, an architect would decide what kind of building should be built, modern or classical and a naming architect would decide what kind of company name should be developed, for example a creative company name, compound name, traditional name and the like.

Take a look at some of the recent company names we have “constructed” at Brandings® :

Take a look at some of the recent company names we have

A successful naming architect will engineer a company name that is solid, durable, sound, unique and aesthetically appealing – the same what a building architect would engineer a building.

You need a business name that will last the test of time and one that will be with you for a very long time. You’ll want a business name that you can add onto without ruining the aesthetic of the original; one that won’t confine you in long run (ok, enough of that analogy).

What Naming Company Agencies Provide

Big corporations pay big fees for company naming services – often millions of dollars to identify the right name. While the expenses are huge, they are usually worth every dollar. The naming decision is just that important.

We know that most start-ups don’t have the budget to hire these big-league naming firms. And start-ups could certainly benefit by hiring one of these elite company naming firms – but start-up budgets rarely permit it.

We’ve found that the fees charged by company naming agencies are out of reach for the vast majority of venture capital funded start-ups. Some of them don’t even provide the exact match dot-com domain name. Could you imagine spending all that time and money on a naming architect, just so that they recommend the most amazing business name but then you’re unable to secure the domain for it?!

The Brandings® Approach to Business and Product Naming

At Brandings® we skip the fancy-presentations. We don’t have any glossy full-color brochures. And we don’t have big-budget travel expenses. Brandings® has undertaken research — up-front — developing thousands of unique, differentiated and available brands. These brands are listed in our catalog, check it out here: Company Name Search.

Every single one of the business names you’ll find on Brandings® comes with the exact match dot-com domain name all ready to go and can be transferred over to your complete control in as little as an hour.

People choose Brandings® over one of those big naming architecture companies, not just because of the cost but also because our business names are ready to go. You’ll look though our catalog, you’ll see a business name that perfectly fits your new company and we’ll have it to you in the matter of days NOT in the matter of weeks or months.

We know people come to us with a great business idea or product and they are ready to rock-n-roll and they just need to get a name and get building and bringing in some money, and that’s just what we do!

If before deciding you would like to learn more about company naming architecture consultancy, please check out our blog on the subject.

Brandings Naming Architecture Consultancy

Brandings® Naming Architecture Consultancy

We get it, sometimes our online inventory of available product and business names just doesn’t fit exactly what you’re looking for or even you want to see what you Custom Company Naming Team can come up with for your new venture, we have just that, a Custom Company Naming Service.

In this case we operate very summarily to the large naming architecture firms where we offer a project-based, naming architecture consultancy service. We have three different levels of service that fits just about every size of venture.

If this interests you simply click here to learn all about it: How Brandings Works

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