Startup Tips for Recent College Grads

Startup Tips for Recent College Grads

Entrepreneurship: Overlooked Opportunity by Recent College Grads

Just Half of Recent College Graduates Have Full-Time Jobs; Fewer than 1% Consider Their Own Start-Ups

While the job market for graduating college students is better since the 2006 survey and there are continual signs of improvement, that’s little consolation to the newly-minted graduates without a job offer in-hand.

A surprising finding from the Rutgers report is that a scant 1% of graduating college seniors described their prospective job situation as “self-employed.”

“Starting a small business is an often overlooked option that can help build experience and keep a career on track,” said John William Geranios, Ph.D. the Executive Director of, a California based start-up resource for small and mid-sized businesses.

“In addition, the experience of starting a business right out of college not only demonstrates initiative to future prospective employers but it is also a solution for long gaps of unemployment on a resume,” he notes.

With that in mind, the Brandings Startup Team asked Dr. Geranions if he would share his top 3 tips for grad looking to start their own business, and this is what he said:

3 Tips to help Recent College Grads Start their own Businesses:

More Startup Tips for Recent College GradsTip for Grad Startups #1: Pick a Business Idea Related to Your College Major.

To develop a set of marketable skills and help bolster a resume, your start-up should be related to your college major and your career objectives.  Consider your new business an extension of your education and your major.  You might want to think of your start-up as a self-directed internship,” said Geranios.

More Startup Tips for Recent College GradsTip for Grad Startups 2: Focus on a Niche Market.

“You can’t be everything to everyone. The most successful start-ups for recent grads focus on one small segment in a marketplace,” Geranios notes. “Your chance for success is increased by targeting one slice in an industry. You can always expand the scope of your business as your company grows.”

More Startup Tips for Recent College GradsTip for Grad Startups 3: Have a Clear Plan.

The best classes have a course syllabus, as the most successful start-ups begin with a well-crafted strategy and a focused roadmap for execution. “When you develop an actionable plan there is less chance that you’ve overlooked something. Like a syllabus directs a college course, a business plan guides your business,” advises Geranios. “Recent grads shouldn’t be concerned with producing a highly-formal business plan. For non-business majors, there is no need to include complicated terminology and business jargon,” Geranios added.

What’s most important is that the recent grad create a functional “how-to” user’s manual for their new business. A good plan pushes the entrepreneur to think about each and every aspect of the new business before it’s launched.

The Brandings Startup Development Team encourages everyone launching a business, recent grad or not, to check out our Free Business Plan Template and Planning Guide to help get any entrepreneur off to a strong start.

“With just over half of recent college grads fully-employed, there is a huge overlooked opportunity for driven individuals who have just received their college diplomas,” Geranios notes.

“If the start-up really takes off, the venture could provide a lot more than experience on a resume. You may find that you never have to fill out another job application again.”

Examples of startup names perfectly suited for a recent college grad:

More Startup Tips for Recent College Grads

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Here is a Sample of Start-Up Names Ready for a Grad to Create Something Big:

Sample of Start-Up Names available at Brandings

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So Grads…. Find Your Catchy Startup Name Now: Get Started

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