Brands That Begin With Y

Yachts, Yoyo, Yahoo!, and the Yankee’s, Yes, those are some really big businesses and brands that begin with the letter Y.  Yearly more and more businesses are entering the marketplace with Y based names.

Now, we’re not just Yammering here, there really are.  The letter “Y” has fun and approachable feel to it.  There’s a Youthful feel, which is neither stuffy nor intimidating.

Keeping that in mind, the Brandings Team has curated all our Y based brand names; even created a few more.

Fun fact, the letter Y is the only letter which can be both a consonant and vowel.  It’s not surprising than, that the letter has amazing flexibility to it.  Therefore, brand and startup names which begin with this letter are also flexible.  These surprisingly universal names can than be used across many different industries and for nearly any product.

If you’re launching a startup or brand, consider one of the available Y based startup names below.  They come complete with the matching dot-com domain and even a customizable logo (ask us).

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