Master Naming Blender Blunder

Master Brand Naming Blender Blunder

Large Companies like Sara Lee can Make Product Naming Mistakes

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, June 5, 2012 — Sara Lee’s decision to split the company into two units may make corporate sense, but could well be one the year’s biggest naming blunders.

On the heels of Kraft recently renaming its global snack business Mondelez, Sara Lee has decided on the clumsy and cumbersome D.E. MASTER BLENDERS 1753 for their coffee and tea unit and Hillshire Brands for their consumer meat unit.

“The Hillshire Brands name makes some sense because of the firm’s strong portfolio of consumer meat products,” according to John William Geranios, Ph.D., Executive Director of, a leading corporate naming agency.

“But the D.E. MASTER BLENDERS 1753 as a name for their coffee and tea unit, while steeped in corporate lore, fails virtually every measure of successful name development. The name is long, awkward, difficult to remember, difficult to spell and overall confusing,” said Geranios. “The D.E. and 1753 elements in the name are particularly odd. I expect there will be a high level of misunderstanding in the marketplace.

“It looks like Sara Lee is trying to wrestle the mantle of biggest naming blunder of the year away from Kraft.” Geranios added.

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Names for Products our Brand Naming Team has Developed

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