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Brandings has a new and exciting way to get Business and Brand Naming Tips, on Social Media! Now you can get the tips and learn how to develop a targeted logo, from our team directly. Below you’ll get all the info to connect to us on FaceBook and Instagram. Great tips and a fun way to learn!

brand development on social media
brand naming on social media

If you’re looking to see great business logos and examples of short business names, be sure to start following Brandings on Instagram. We’ll keep uploading logos which our Design Team has created and great logos we see while out and around town.

Join Brandings on Instagram | Brand Naming Tips Examples & More!

We’re going to be posting examples of business names we like, ones we don’t and other business naming tips and other business related photos.

So what are you waiting for follow us @Brandings_ .

As always, on a last note, we’re always open for suggestions on blog topics, Business Naming Vlog Topics like the ones found on our YouTube Page, and now shots of your favorite business names or logos for our Instagram page.

We’ll gladly even take discuss your business name, why it works maybe why you may have trouble with it and much more.

Thanks for reading!

More Places to Find Brandings on Social Media, Video Tips!!

Brandings has more places to check out our Business and Company Naming videos. We’re spreading them out there so more people can use our experience.

Recently we’ve posted a few business naming videos from our YouTube Channel but we also wanted to know that we’ve expanded to a few different video sites as well. Brandings has joined bot Vimeo and Daily Motion.

Some people have a preference of one over the other and one may work better with whatever device over another.

It’s going to be the same great business naming tips now with more opportunities for you to see them.

You can click on either icon above to start watching these great videos and be sure to keep checking back for more great videos we have in store and in the works.

In the interim, if you have any suggestions for any of these business naming videos and any other related topic, post them below or post them on these other sites on our page.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Brandings Business Naming on Social Media
Checkout the Brandings Business Naming on Social Media

New Facebook address! | Join Brandings on Social Media at Facebook

Now you can join Brandings Facebook page. Brandings has a great Facebook page. Keep up with all the fun and interesting things that are going on..

Brandings Facebook

Thank you to all of the fans that helped us get our Brandings Facebook Page!  Now we can be more easily reached.  Thanks for everything.

Update: Thanks so much to all the friends of Brandings on Facebook and now twitter.   We really love that so many people forward our blogs to their friends and we think that there are quite a few classes that read our blog or professors that recommend us to their students; we love it!

Thanks for all your support!

Be sure to check out our new Brandings Facebook page. We’ll keep you up to date with what the Brandings team is up too!

Follow The New Brandings Facebook Page

Now you have two great ways of following Brandings on social media. Remember, we want to hear from you, please keep posting on our Blog, Facebook page and Instagram! Tell us what you think and post comments or questions on either; we’d love your input!

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