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  • Israel’s cybersecurity startup scene spawned new entrants in 2019
    The Israeli cybersecurity industry saw a 35% increase in investments from 2018, with overall funding for startups totaling almost $1.4 billion.
  • Soft Robotics raises $23 million from investors including industrial robot giant FANUC
    Robotics startup company Soft Robotics has closed its Series B round of funding, raising $23 million led by Calibrate Ventures and Material Impact, and including participation from exiting investors including Honeywell, Yahama, Hyperplane and more. This round also brings in FANUC, the world’s largest maker of industrial robots and a recently announced strategic partner for […]
  • France improves stock options policies for startup employees
    A couple of weeks ago, France’s digital minister Cédric O announced some changes when it comes to stock options in France. President Emmanuel Macron is going to talk about the new policy today ahead of the World Economic Forum. While I don’t want to be too technical, here’s a quick overview of the changes. First, […]
  • Open banking platform Tink raises €90M at a post-money valuation of €415M
    Tink, the European open banking platform, is disclosing €90 million in new funding, just 11 months after the Sweden-headquartered company announced a €56 million round of funding. Co-leading this new round is Dawn Capital, HMI Capital and Insight Partners. The round also includes the incumbent postal operator and Italy’s largest financial services network Poste Italiane […]
  • TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019
    Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019. The tech industry needs more watchdogs than ever as its size enlargens the impact of safety failures and the abuse of power. Whether through malice, […]
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  • Best Names for a Building or Residential Development
    The Brand Development Team here is posting some of our favorite building and new development names and why they work, don't or, why they caught our eye.
  • Branding Historical Events, Can that Be Done?
    When you think about branding, your mind naturally jumps to a product, brand, or even a business.  Now people like chefs, entrepreneurs, even architects brand themselves but, what about branding historical events? Well, they already have.  Some of our most beloved, and most lauded historical events have had some “brand makeovers” over the years. Today […]
  • Join the Brandings Team on Social Media
    Join Brandings on Instagram | Brand Naming Tips Examples & More! Brandings has a new and exciting way to get Business and Brand Naming Tips, on Social Media! Now you can get the tips and learn how to develop a targeted logo, from our team directly. Below you’ll get all the info to connect to […]
  • Unique Custom Startup Services from Brandings
    Unique Brand Naming Service | Professional Services for Startups At Brandings, we have something for every kind of startup looking to get started right. In the following post, you can read all about the Unique Custom Startup Services we’ve developed for entrepreneurs like you. We pride ourselves on having the same great outcome as the […]
  • Business Startup Solutions | How Startups Find Solutions Here
    Brandings has helped start ups get started and grow for years. All are different but many missed the same things, check out our Start Up Checklist today.
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  • States claim Trump’s new firearm rules will allow spread of 3D printed gun blueprints online
    Washington state plans to sue the federal government over a proposed change that Attorney General Bob Ferguson warns will lead to the proliferation of blueprints for 3D printed guns online. Ferguson announced Monday that he plans to lead a 21-state lawsuit over a proposed rule that would transfer regulation of certain firearms from one department […]
  • Did he swipe right? NFL quarterback shows he nose a unique way to use the Microsoft Surface
    That’s snot the play we drew up! But, face it, there’s more than one way to swipe across the screen on a tablet. During the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, sideline cameras picked up Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the bench, bundled against the cold temperatures. With his hands covered […]
  • Ada Developers Academy’s new CEO looks to expand coding bootcamp’s impact on tech diversity
    Seattle-based Ada Developers Academy in December named Lauren Sato as the new CEO of the tuition-free, software development boot camp for women and underrepresented sexual, gender and racial minorities. The 7-year-old program started as a project of the Technology Alliance before becoming a standalone nonprofit organization in 2015. It runs two 48-person cohorts per year […]
  • Seattle-based early-stage investment firm SeaChange raises $5.8M for its fifth fund
    SeaChange just raised $5.8 million for its fifth fund as it looks to put more dollars behind Pacific Northwest startups. It’s the largest fund yet for SeaChange, formerly known as Seattle Angel Fund, and will be used to make early-stage investments in the range of $200,000 to $900,000. Investors in the fund mostly hail from the […]
  • Here’s how Amazon’s rumored pay-by-hand tech could work
    A new report sheds light on Amazon’s thinking about the rumored plan to let customers pay for purchases by scanning their palms. The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon may sell pay-by-hand kiosks to other businesses. Previous reports linked the technology primarily to Amazon’s own retail stores, including Whole Foods and Amazon Go. Amazon plans […]
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