USPTO Trademark Registration

USPTO Trademark Registration

Trademark Search USPTO Trademark Application Service

USPTO Trademark Registration

Trademark Search USPTO Trademark Application Service

Trademark Search USPTO Trademark Application Service

Brandings offers a trademark search and application service for mark registration with the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO). The service includes a trademark search, an attorney-prepared trademark application and ongoing monitoring through the registration process. This service also includes non-substantive responses to the USPTO while your application is pending, and an electronic copy of your trademark registration certificate once your mark is registered.

You’ll receive …

  • Federal Trademark Database Search
  • 50 State Trademark Search
  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Attorney-Prepared Trademark Application
  • Ongoing Monitoring Throughout Registration Application Process
  • Electronic Trademark Registration Certificate (Upon Issuance)

Fee Structure:

$1,995 (Flat Fee Trademark Search Application Service)

$275 to $375 (USPTO Filing Fee) Government filing fees apply per mark, PER class of goods or services. Filing fees are charged when your application is filed with the USPTO.

And now for the stuff our lawyers want us to include: Brandings makes no representation as to the suitability of a brand name with application in a particular industry or market or for use in a category of good or service articulated in the International Classification of Goods Services. The decision to grant a trademark application is made at the sole discretion of the USPTO. Brandings will make every effort to advocate for a successful USPTO outcome. Brandings cannot and does not guarantee USPTO mark registration. Clients and prospective clients are strongly encouraged to seek counsel to determine suitability and all trademark registration related matters.

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What You'll Receive ...

Premium .COM Domain

You'll launch your startup with a world-class name and a .COM domain that's an exact match.

Custom Logo Design

Our design team will work with you to develop the perfect brand identity and logo for your company -- all included with your purchase.

Screened, Tested & Ready

Every name has been preliminarily screened for “ownability” and additionally tested to determine the feelings or emotions evoked.​

Naming Excellence

We bring together the best of both “art” and “science” to curate the best company names.

Up-Front Pricing

We’re upfront and honest in all our pricing. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Unbeatable Value

You'll get branding expertise without the supercharged costs of top-flight global brand development agencies.​

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