Presidential Logos How Effective are They?

Update: We just wanted to update everyone on the ever changing political situation… as far as logos and web sights design is concerned! It recently seams that the presidential candidates are going the way of the single letter.  Think “O” for Obama and “W” for George W Bush.  It is believed that Bobby Jindal is going to go with “J.”

It seams that even our Presidential Candidates are looking for something catch, a logo that is going to stand out in a crowded market place, but most importantly something that’s going to look good as a Mobile App.

You can read more about this and some more insights from logo professionals in this great article from the Washington Times. Keep your eye out for more exciting presidential logos and even their website as it seams that the nominees are no way short on funds and will be hiring the biggest PR teams in the world to help them get their message across, whatever it may be!

Oh, if you see a logo or tagline you’d like us to discuss, please post it below!

Examples of the New Style of Logos:

presidential single logos

No matter whom you plan on voting for nor does it matter which party you belong, presidential logos are popping up everywhere and some are well… better than others. Chances are we’re going to see more and more presidential hopefuls toss their hats in the ring and that just means more presidential logos.

So that got us talking around the office, exactly how important is a logo for a presidential campaign?

A logo is meant to mean something to the audience, specifically to one’s target market, make an impact and represent something, and that something can be a company or even a presidential hopeful. With people, your logo becomes almost a flag, a standard or family crest; something a Knight, Queen or President would send into towns so that people would know that they are coming.

Well it seems that we weren’t the only ones standing by the water cooler discussing presidential contenders and their logos because NPR recently ran a story where they sat down with graphic designer Armin Vit to discuss just that.

Check out what they had to say about presidential logos (follow the link) and you can check out some of the current and past presidential logos below!

Examples of Logos:

what makes for a good presidential logo
what goes into a presidential logo
presidential logos, the good bad and ugly
presidential logos

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