How Brandings Can Help Brand Your Business

How Brandings Can Help Brand Your Business

How Brandings Can Help Brand Your Blog

If you’re looking to develop a new brand or re-brand you may have seen major naming architecture firms used by large companies in branding or re-branding a companies brand or an organization’s products or services.

Those “old school” naming architecture firms perform great work in the brand creation and development process. As with all successful naming, their work is deeply rooted in intensive internal and external research.

You’ll also find that with those big naming firms come big prices. These firms often charge hundreds of thousands – sometime millions — of dollars for the creation of a business name or a product name.

If you can afford it, “old school” naming architecture firms are usually worth every dollar.

That’s just how important the right company name or product name is for growth-driven organizations. And branding consultants perform a valuable service in guiding firms through the strategic planning, marketing and brand development process.

In addition, brand naming consultants, branding companies, branding consultants or naming architecture consultants are available to provide branding counsel to organizations.

One of the shortcomings a firm experiences when they hire an “old school” naming architecture firm is the length of time it takes to identify, secure and develop a name for their client.

There has simply been an acceleration in the rate of change in the marketplace. When many clients begin a new business or launch a new product they need the right name … and they usually need it immediately.

Brandings has turned the naming architecture model upside-down to provide our clients with a fast, cost effective method in nomenclature development.

Brandings has undertaken research up-front developing thousands of unique, differentiated and available brands and have listed them in our on-line catalog. Available brands are matched to a firm’s strategic objectives and modified to bring design elements in congruence with objectives.

At Brandings, we skip the fancy-presentations and big-budget meetings of “old school” naming firms. The Brandings approach is value-focused and comprehensive. We provide our clients with outstanding names in a matter of days not months.

Brandings provides Fortune 500 level services at a price that fits the budget of small and mid-size businesses.

We are here to assist you in securing a great name. The right name for your business, product or service is just a call or click away.

Call the Brandings Client Service Team today at 1-800-852-8900 (international callers 1-310-246-5100) or simply click here to contact our office via e-mail.

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