Learn More About Brandings From our Executive Director

Developing Great Company Names

Recently our Director sat down for an interview. He talks about our business and how to develop a great business name; it’s great reading plus full of great info!

Learn How Brandings Develops Great Company Names, Straight from our Director.

Recently the Executive Director, John Geranios, Ph.D., was interviewed for the website, Business Interviews. Here Dr. Geranios not only spoke about his background and why he is so well suited for this particular business but about why company names are becoming more and more important in an ever growing marketplace.

If you are interested in learn why a company name is so important, directly from the top of our company, you’ll want to check out this great article. Dr. Geranios discusses why our company stands out from our completion, by including free logo redesign and our Branding Client Theme which plugs in to any WordPress site, instantly giving it a professional feel and look with the added benefit of ease of use.

We’re quite proud of the article and of Dr. Geranios. He clearly identified our business’ objective, to help startups get off the ground and running with a great brand, and he discusses our future goals and our expansion into overseas markets.

To learn more about Brandings, what we do and how to think, check out this great article, directly from the top, our Executive Director, we’ve included a link above.

If you have any questions for Dr. Geranios, he’ll be happy to answer them in this blog. Just post your questions below and he’ll respond in the same space. Thanks for reading and get out and start your business today!

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