Brandings on Instagram | Brand Naming Tips Examples & More!

Brandings on Instagram | Brand Naming Tips Examples & More!

Brandings has a new and exciting way to get tips and learn how to develop a targeted logo; by following us on Instagram. Great tips and a fun way to learn!

Follow the Brandings Team on Instagram

If you’re looking to see great business logos and examples of short business names, be sure to start following Brandings on Instagram. We’ll keep uploading logos which our Design Team has created and great logos we see while out and around town.

We’re going to be posting examples of business names we like, ones we don’t and other business naming tips and other business related photos.

So what are you waiting for follow us @ Brandings_ .

As always, on a last note, we’re always open for suggestions on blog topics, Business Naming Vlog Topics like the ones found on our YouTube Page, and now shots of your favorite business names or logos for our Instagram page.

We’ll gladly even take discuss your business name, why it works maybe why you may have trouble with it and much more.

Thanks for reading!

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