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How to find a Business Name on Brandings Video

how to search for a business name

With the successful launch of our Brandings YouTube page, where we’ll be sharing our tips for naming a business, launching a company and names that will make your product standout, we thought we’d follow-up with another video. Brandings has one…

I Need A Name for My Business

Olygex - I Need A Name for My Business - Business Name Ideas

I Need A Name for My Business Not a single day goes by here at Brandings that we don’t get a call from someone saying “I need a name for my Business.” First we tell them they made the right…

The Best Business Names

name for a international business

  The Best Business Names *Be sure to check out the bottom of the article for some updated thoughts from the Brandings team. Bbbbbbbbbelieve it or not, the best business names begin with “B”  — well, that’s according to naming…