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Can Even a City or Town Rebrand?

Georgetown - even a city can re-brand

Even Cities Can Re-Brand? Yes they can, ok, end of post (just kidding, please read on). Towns, cities, villages or even segments of any of the for-mentioned can be and have re-branded.  A rare bit of personal history here, growing…

Something for Every Budget

Discount Domain Names

Company Names For Every Budget If you’ve been following this Blog for the last few weeks, you would have see some interesting articles about company names and logos as well as choosing a business name that suits you. I thought…

What is a brand?

what is a brand

Something a little different for Brandings:  We came across an article which defines, in a clear and simple manor “what a brand is,” and so, we thought we would share it with you.  It’s easy to just swap out what…