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Find a Great Domain NameBrandings a Great Place to Find a Domain Name for Your New Business

If you are looking to build a great start-up, you’ll need a great domain name. Now there are many places to buy a great domain but, here at Brandings we have thousands of premium dot-com domain names — available immediately and ready-to-use.

Now searching Brandings for the perfect domain name has never been easier.

At the top of the home page you can search by “keyword” – just type in a word or part of word and you’ll get a list of every domain name on the Brandings website that contains what you’ve put in.

That however is not the only way you can search for an available domain name.  You can also find domains developed for a particular industry (for example names for a technology start-up) or a names that has been developed with key attributes (for example “fresh sounding” names). Just scan and then click the appropriate category on the list in the left-column of the home page.

When starting a business today your customers expect you to have a dot-com domain name. The extension is the “blue-chip” standard and used by virtually every mid-size and large global business. While each country has their own country code domain extensions, has emerged as the global standard.

We advise all our clients to always secure the dot-com. If a start-up cannot secure the dot-com extension, we strongly advise that they move on to adopting another name where they can acquire the exact match dot-com domain. (Just think about it, if you register the, or any of the other available TLDs and your competition owns the – you’ll likely send a lot of business to your competitor.)

Examples of Military Based Business Names:


So what is it, that makes for a great domain name for my business?  Below are the key elements that should guide you in the selection of a great domain name:

Uniqueness – You want a domain name that differentiates your start-up from your competitors. The name should clearly separate your firm from others in the industry.

Positioning – Consider the relevance of the name to your strategic plans and positioning objectives. The name needs to be congruent with the strategic mission, goals and objectives of your company.

Appearance – Think about how the name will look on your website, letterhead, collateral material, advertising elements and on building signage. A great should be clear and easy to read.

Depth – Consider the layers of meaning, evocation and associations linked to your domain name. The name should evoke positive associations consistent with the objectives of your start-up.

Vocalization – Consider how the name sounds. Say it out loud and listen to how it sounds. It should be easy to pronounce and sound comfortable when verbalized.

Linguistic Value — Be sure to consider how the name with be written . A powerful name should be easy to write, easy to communicate and easy to spell.

Length — A successful domain name for a business, product or service is usually short in length – usually fewer than 11 characters. The longer the domain name the greater the propensity for customer confusion and misspellings.

Alphabetic Characters — A strong domain name should not contain numbers or hyphens. In select cases non-alphabetic characters can be used but require careful design to avoid consumer confusion. In addition, strong global domain names should be in English and contain all ASCII characters.

Global Implications — Consider the universality of the domain name and its application in an international context. Examine if the name has any adverse meaning in global markets.

Expandability – Consider the degree to which a name is expandable to allow for market expansion or industry changes. Some names are secured for significant expansion while others may be highly specialized and targeted.

Vitality – You want a domain name with energy and verve. A great name should be powerful, energetic and have a vibrant “personality.”

Your next step …

We have developed thousands of great domain names that are ready for use. Check-out our on-line domain name inventory catalog here. You can search our on-line catalog by category or by keyword. All domain names are sold as part of a brand package that includes a logo design and starter website. If you’re interested in just the domain name, please contact out Client Services Team for pricing.

If a name from our existing inventory doesn’t work for you, we offer a project-based, naming architecture consultancy service. For a fixed fee, we’ll put together a team of strategic planners, etymologists and designers who will work with you to acquire a great name for your new venture.

Look to Brandings for all your start-up needs. We’re here to help. Give our Client Services Team a call at 1-800-852-8900 (Toll Free USA) +1-310-246-5100 (Worldwide) or send us an e-mail to get started.

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