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What is Trade Dress

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What is Trade Dress and How will it Affect My Business? Often we hear people talk about trademarking their business but, what exactly is Trade Dress?  “What the heck is that,” you may ask? Well let’s put it this way, you’re…

Can Even a City or Town Rebrand?

Georgetown - even a city can re-brand

Even Cities Can Re-Brand? Yes they can, ok, end of post (just kidding, please read on). Towns, cities, villages or even segments of any of the for-mentioned can be and have re-branded.  A rare bit of personal history here, growing…

Shame on You Markus Lemonis

shame on you Mark Lemonis

On a recent episode of The Profit (@TheProfitCNBC) Markus Lemonis (@MarcusLemonis) forced a company name on the founder without consultation or consideration to her ethnic heritage. This is considered a huge “No, No” by the Brandings Business Naming Team (@Brandings_)!…