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Business Namings is what we do here at Brands so, we’ve had some of our experts lay down with pen some of tips you should know, naming traps to avoid and even some how to’s along the way. Check out these Business Naming articles.

Examples of Catchy Restaurant Names

the best name for your restaurant business

We’re going to try something new here at Brandings.  While we’ve post onto FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest the catchy names of restaurants that we like before; we’ve never posted them here on our blog.  We feel that we may…

Naming a Business Generator

Names for Business Generator

Naming a Business Generator Brandings has developed a Business Name Generator specifically for entrepreneurs looking to name their company. We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a name for your business and that just…

Dental Office Names | Dentist Office Names

Winner Smile - Dental Office Names | Business name Generator | Dentist Office Names

Naming a Dental Office Opening a dental office is a huge undertaking and you have so many things to consider, naming your new dental office should not be one of them but, don’t worry the Brandings Team is here to help with…

Good Names

Intellatec - good names | new business names

What makes a Good Business Name? While we’ve named this blog “Good Names” what we’re really after here is to develop great new business names or great new product names and that’s what we’re really here to help you do.…