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Great Article on Business Naming

How to Name a Company

Great Article on Business Naming Update to our previous Business Naming Article: Be sure to check out the bottom of the page for some updated thoughts. Starting a new business can be very difficult with a multitude of steps —…

Developing Great Company Names

building great business names

Learn How Brandings Develops Great Company Names, Straight from our Director. Recently the Executive Director, John Geranios, Ph.D., was interviewed for the website, Business Interviews.  Here Dr. Geranios not only spoke about his background and why he is so well…

Learn What Your Name Means in a Foreign Country

Learn What Your Name Means in a Foreign Country

Checking your Company Name in Other Languages We’ve talked about it in the past but we thought we would share with you a recent article that we’ve come across which has been making headlines recently. Recently a app developer Matt…