Best Names for a Building or Residential Development

The best part of real estate development, construction, and being a builder is not only do you have something tangible to show for your effort but, you’ll have something to show your kids, and grand kids and be proud of.  In many cases you can be sure of your legacy in concrete and iron for many generations to come.

Along with the actual building that stands and lasts for generation so too does the name of the building.  There’s no doubt Freedom Tower will hold its name forever or Marina City in Chicago will be known as such in perpetuity.

There has a lot of development and building in the last few years so, the Brandings Brand Development Team has decided to collect and present the best names for a buildings and developments that we’ve come across.  These are buildings or construction sites we’ve walked past or names we’ve come across in papers or heck, maybe we’ll even include some historical examples to see if they’ve lasted the test of time or what went wrong.

With that all said, we’ll present the name, explain why they work (or don’t maybe) and what you should keep in mind if you’re naming a building or development of your own.

We want this forum to be interactive so, if you’ve come across any great building names of your own, questionable development names, or even want to run some building name ideas that you’re considering by us and our readers, please let us know by posting it below.

great name for a residential building

Sky Luxury Apartments, New York, NY

Short, simple, easy to remember, what’s not to like about this residential building name.  Particularly because the new project is 71 floors, high into the sky as it were but also because of the added adage of “aim for the sky,” or something to work hard for or work for.

We also love how this building name is combined with a sleek and simple logo and, we’re pretty sure this is intentional, the back of the “K” is accentuated referencing or indicating the huge height of the building.

What are you impressions of this one?

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