Month: March 2012

Product Naming

Finals NBA - product naming

What goes into Product Naming? What makes a great Product Name?  If you think it’s just one of those things that is mysterious and magical and you’re not sure how it’s done but you know one when you see one,…

Brand Creation

Efgeo - Brand Creation

How do we create a Brand? If you came to Brandings thinking that we know everything about Brand Positioning and Branding in general…. You’re right!  Not only do we know about Brand Positioning and Branding you need to know about…

Logo Design Services

Goxia - Logo Design Services

Logo Design Services When you think Brandings you think of premium domain names and great brand packages ready to be developed into a huge company or international product but did you know our brand packages come with free logo design…

I Need a Company Name

Gygeo - i need a company name

I Need a Company Name We hear it all the time her at Brandings, we get a call and the person on the phone says “I need a company name.”  Our usual response is “great, you’ve come to the right…

Custom Domain Name

Skango - custom domain name

Looking for a Custom Domain Name? If you’re looking for a custom domain name Brandings is your place.  The Brandings team has been providing many different kinds of domain services over the past years for every type of company or…

Cool Domain Names

Luxtin - cool domain names

How to Develop a Cool Domain Name When people call us looking for cool domain name, we generally find that they are looking for something more.  What they’re actually looking for is a cool business name. We have to congratulate… Domains are Still the Best

Zumey - best domain names

The Best Domain Names I’m almost positive that if you’re reading this blog I might be “preaching to the choir” or telling you something you already know, that the extension is still the most important or best domain. We’ve…