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Cool Company Naming Tips

Our experts share insights on naming, branding and starting a new venture.

Tip: Consider a Bold Name Choice for Your Tech Company. Good name choices youíre your technology or professional service business encapsulate the vision of your firm in a single word. Look to names that convey innovation, cutting-edge, intelligence or your companyís bold approach to meeting customer needs and wants.

Trap: Avoid Names That Try Too Hard. Puns usually fall short as good company names. You want a name thatís clever Ė but not too clever. There is a fine line between engaging your audience and trying too hard. What you may think is witty may well turn off potential customers.

Tip: Check the History of Your Domain Name. You donít want to build your company on a domain that has been flagged by search engines for abuse, fraud or other unseemly activity. The previous domain history can linger in cyberspace for some time and may affect the search results for your new business. The solution is easy. Just enter the domain name into the top search engines --,,, -- to learn of any negative history.

Trap: Avoid Including Too Many Members on Your Name Decision Team. Itís important to have a few key individuals on your name selection team to give insight and perspective on your naming options. But a word of caution! While itís great to solicit input from a myriad of stakeholders, resist the temptation to include every stakeholder onto the final decision team. Innovative names are bound to rub some member the wrong way. So with a large decision team, you are likely to end up with a lackluster, boring name choice that offended no one -- but also excited no one.

More Naming Tips & Traps

Check back regularly for new start-up tips and traps to be avoided.

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Cool Names For Technology Companies
cool names for a tech company

How to Select a Great Tech Company Name

Developing a brand name for a technology company is different than for a non-tech company. Unlike most non-tech firms, technology company names need to evoke a sense of "edge, forward-thinking mindset and innovation in their value creation processes.

If your venture is in the area of technology, software, hardware, IT service, tech support, telecom, electronics, network systems, cloud computing or other technology area consumers have a heightened set of expectations for your start-up. Simply put, your audience expects that your IT services are at the forefront of innovation. They also expect (even if they don't cognitively realize it) that your services will help their firm become a dominant player in their marketplace.

Just take a look at these super-cool, unique, brandable tech names:

naming an IT start-up

In our years of research and experience, we’ve found that both business-to-business consumers and personal-use audiences maintain a "presumption of innovation." They simply expect more from you.

The consumer is turning to your company for a solution to a specific want or need – and they expect your product or service to have an "edge" rooted in innovation.

So it is critical that your technology company name conveys the sense of innovation, future, breakthrough, cutting-edge, and unique technological competitive advantage. That's quite a lot to ask a name to do!

A great technology company name is rooted in your unique business mission, goals, objectives and positioning. We've found that a successful IT name should be bold, unique & linguistically evocative and should clearly differentiate your technology from your competitors. And remember that the name must support your firm-specific positioning objectives. (This is central to differentiating your firm from others in your marketplace.)

A strong technology business name (as a rule) should avoid narrow geographic or category references and work to create a long-term, self-sustaining engagement with your target market. You don't want to select an IT name that restricts your services or scope of practice should you expand.

Cool Technology Business Naming

Some technology start-ups select names that contain a keyword that is central to the products or services offered by the firm (like Other tech companies prefer names that don't have any specific meaning (like These names are sometimes called "brandable" because they don't have any inherent meaning. Brandable name generally have a next-gen cool sound to them. Brandable names are popular with tech companies because they're unique, memorable and catchy. These are all important for firms looking to stand out in the competitive technology sector.

For most technology companies the selection of a name that supports the positioning evoked by the company is advisable, rather than a name that describes what the company does.  Consider the selection of a name that evokes positive associations linked to the firm’s product or service outcomes.

Many successful technology names are blended words.  Our etymologists research key industry specific words and linguistically combine.  Examples of blended tech names include, Anatech (ANAlog TECHnology), Corel (COwpland REsearch Laboratory), eBay (Echo Bay Technology Group), LG (merger of two Korean brands, Lucky and Goldstar), MicroSoft (MICROcomputer SOFTware).
Consider how your tech company name sounds.  We love cool sounding IT names.  Say it out loud and listen to how it sounds.  It should be easy to pronounce and sound comfortable when verbalized.  You’ll want to consider the energy and excitement of the company name.  It should be powerful, energetic, and roll off your tongue. The best names for a new IT company are clear when vocalized and easy to pronounce.

In most cases, a successful name for a business, product or service is short in length – usually fewer than 11 characters.  (Can you think of an IT company name longer than 11 characters?)

The longer the name, the greater the chance for confusion, mix-ups and misspellings. And because all growth-driven firms must have an active on-line web presence, a typo or misspelling in a company name by a customer will send that buyer to another website.

Keep in mind how the name will look when it is communicated in written form. A great tech name should be easy to communicate and easy to spell. You’ll want to consider how the name will look on your letterhead, collateral material, website, advertising elements and on building signage. 

Factors to Consider in Selecting a Cool Tech Name

In our global IT environment today, English has emerged as the clear language of choice – so your technology business name must be in English.  A great tech business name should not contain hyphens. (Numbers, as a rule, shouldn't be a part of your name and only used if they rally make sense(like

Special characters like !@#$^&*()+ pose a unique set of challenges and require careful planning and design to avoid consumer confusion.

The dot-com domain extension is the domain extension of business worldwide.  Dot-net, dot-org and country specific extensions are significantly less desirable for a tech company name and should be acquired only as secondary extensions to the dot-com domain. WARNING: Don't build your IT company around anything but the dot-com extension. We have a truckload of horror stories of tech firms that made this mistake. We've been called in years later to clean up their naming messes. The fix (after the fact)is complicated and unually very expensive.

Your technology company name and the domain name must be identical -- so you’ll only want to select a tech company name with a matching dot-com domain extension. (Google owns GoDaddy owns Facebook owns

When creating a cool tech company name for long-run success, it is important to consider the degree to which a name can be expanded. Your IT name should allow for growth and change in a marketplace and factor in industry changes and innovation. 

Check Out These New Brandable Technology Company Names:

naming an IT start-up

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We hope this article was useful as your create a name for your technology company. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are available to help you in your IT company naming activities. Our naming specialists can help you select the right name for your business. A cool tech name is just a call or click away.

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