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So you’re starting a team; be it a name for a leadership team, a company team, a sports team name, or for a school group team, what are you going to name it?

Much like everything in life there is no universal or overall rule for either naming your business or your team. In fact the only thing that is universal is that your team or business name has to connect to your audience or Target Market.  For a great name consider a Brand Name Generator for great team name ideas.

Let’s start with team names for sports. Much like team naming overall there is no universal rule for naming a sports team. Team names for racing whether you’re naming a bicycle team or road running team you want to think about speed and agility. “Big Dash” “Aim Hit” or “Broke Boys” for a college team but both express speed and would be great team racing names.

If you want to go with an animal chose one that is quick like a cheetah. Soccer team name suggestions may include ferocious animals or ones that are quick and nimble. Football names might include scary animals or something that strikes fear in your competitor. Think of the Florida State Gators or something cuter for kids, “The Gator Boys.”

Examples of Successful Business and Team Names:

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Now businesses have teams and need specific team names as well. A finance team name needs to instill confidence and strength in those who hear it. We like “Betterings” or something like “Moneyings,” they both give the idea of finance and are still fun and interesting. Names for a leadership team are similar in wanting to instill confidence and reliability. Here at Brandings we like “Rare Lead” or even “Semperan.”

Charity team names are also unique. A rally for life team name wants to say exciting but still care and a team name for a breast cancer run will want to appeal to woman but still inspire people to join and get involved. “Geo Peace” if you’re fighting for world peace or if you’re helping clean up after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico perhaps “Gulf Clean” will work for you.

No matter what your charity is, at Brandings we’re here to you. If you have any question about any of the above cause and charity names above please feel free to contact the Brandings Team by clicking here.

Above are some of Brandings available Cause Names and Charity Names. Let us know what you think or let us know if you have any ideas for cause team names and charity them names. Let us know, post it below!

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